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Louis Winston

The subject of this sketch, Louis Winston, in honor of whom the county of Winston and town of Louisville are named, first appears in the records of Mississippi Territory as attorney-general for the Tennessee river country when it was organized as Madison county. In that region there was a vigorous planting of the Winstons, already noted in the affairs of Virginia and North Carolina, where a town is named for Joseph Winston, a famous patriot partisan during the Revolution. A grandson of one of the original Winstons in Madison county became a well-known governor of Alabama. Louis Winston evidently became a resident of western Mississippi, as he was secretary of the constitutional convention of 1817, and in January, 1821, was elected judge of the Second circuit and of the supreme court, to succeed Judge Taylor, deceased, Bela Metcalf being his unsuccessful opponent. This office he held for four years. He was afterwards a circuit judge under the constitution of 1832.

Source: Encyclopedia of Mississippi History, Volume 2, Planned & Edited by Dunbar Rowland, LL. D.,
Madison, WI., Selwyn A. Brant, 1907


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